When to Give Up on Your Goals – Dorie Clark – Harvard Business Review

I’m not quite sure how this made it into the HBR but it did and it echos the reasons why, if I ever write a book, it will be called “Quitting is for winners!”

It’s not rocket science but it does challenge the popular misconceptions about how to apply “never quit” in your life.

When to Give Up on Your Goals – Dorie Clark – Harvard Business Review.

I think that there has to be a clear distinction in whether you are quitting on a tactic or a strategy and whether the overall aim remains the same.  I also think that why you are quitting is important.  If you are quitting just becuase things got tough then as Brian Tracy says in “Many Miles to Go” – an excellent book by the way – “Quitting becomes habit forming.”  We all have to constantly test our muscle to overcome obstacles but that doesn’t mean plowing on down the wrong road just because you said that you would.  Here’s a quick link to that book: http://goo.gl/5mG4c .

It’s a tough call and the best way that I know for how to discern the difference is how soon you take a new action.  Poor quitters don’t replace the old course of action with a new one towards the same aim.  Good quitters immediately start on their new plan.