The Six Things You Need To Do To Ensure Business Success!

Oh Come on people!  I said this blog was about cutting through the crap in what people write about business not adding to it.  There aren’t just six or ten Top Tips to anything.  We’re all just lazy and wish that there were just a few simple things that we could do to ensure success.  

Well, please don’t shoot the messenger but the people who you see as successful have become that way through an infinite number of routes, through innumerable failures, through indecipherable nuances of established principles and there is no way for you to replicate it.  You can get to where they are at (or at least where you perceive them to be at) but you can’t get there in the same way that they got there.  The world has moved on and doors they were open to them are shut to you.  Look for your own open doors.  Stop looking for that well trodden path.  If it ever existed it’s either full of people already or it no longer leads to where you want it to go.  

Make your own way it’s as good as any other and commit to never looking at “top tip” articles, they are a waste of time.  Study if you must but you won’t top tip yourself to the top.


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6 Responses to The Six Things You Need To Do To Ensure Business Success!

  1. Tim Mushey says:

    Short and sweet! Great message. Thanks Rupert!

  2. Tim Mushey says:

    Reblogged this on Sell, Lead, Succeed! and commented:
    Great message by Rupert! Short and sweet, and a quick reality check for success. Have a great Saturday…

  3. Excellent post. No one wants to do the hard work of looking for root problems and changing the way they think, do thngs and relate to the world. Unless they do, they cannot go from talk to action.

  4. siyanda says:

    hahahaha and i waiting on the “Six Things You Need To Do To Ensure Business Success” you are indeed right.

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