I never thought that I’d do it – I just recommended a Donald Trump book

A surprisingly easy and fun read – if taken with a pinch of salt!

As a long time avoider of all things Trump I was surprised to find myself drawn to a copy of a book given to me by a friend recently.  It was not a recommendation but more of a dump of books he didn’t want to include in a relocation. It therefore sat there staring at me for weeks unopened but daring me to read it.  Eventually I picked it up.

It is a series of blunt, broad-brush, black and white observations from “The Donald” and I found it weirdly fascinating.  I learned a little business but a lot about what makes him tick and I was astonished to find myself actually liking the guy.  I don’t agree for a moment that some of his tactics would apply in business in general but that they work for him consistently is interesting.

The big thing that I learned was the care he takes to hire people for whom he has respect.  Too many businesses hire too quickly and are surprised when the quality of the work is poor.  If I could emulate one thing about DT it would be to surround myself with only the very best people that I can find.

It’s a quick read, you can pick it up used for peanuts.  Talking of peanuts, take what he says with a pinch of salt and hang on for the ride at the end when he takes you through a week in the life of DT.  Very interesting.  There I said it.  Donald Trump is an interesting guy.

You can buy the book off amazon here at My Store.


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