Reasons Why I Think Mark Zuckerberg is Awesome!

Honest, open, purpose driven, in control, different, confident!

I don’t imagine than many of my readers are shareholders in Facebook and if you are then I am sorry for you but this article is excellent.  If you hold shares do you sell or hold (I’m not sure that you’ll want to buy after reading this article)?  I don’t know what to suggest but MZ just went through the roof in my estimation.


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2 Responses to Reasons Why I Think Mark Zuckerberg is Awesome!

  1. robzaleski1 says:

    I think this is kind of a reflection on the attention most people pay to social media in general. So many people have become skimmers rather than readers, ready to jump in on the hype of something rather than research (or pay attention to the words right in clear view). The rapid rate that social media change operates has led many to cut corners, and in this case, it may cost some of them and act as a harsh lesson. Thanks for sharing. This was an interesting read.

    • You make a good point there and it’s ironic. We all skim the Facebook content to such a degree that even when he is standing up waving a flag saying “I won’t play your game.” he wasn’t heard. It reminds me of the legend that the Polynesians apparently didn’t even see the approaching boats of Captain Cook (or was it Columbus) because they had no point of reference for them. A CEO saying I am doing an IPO and I don’t care about the usual norms of the market was apparently too different to be comprehended.

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