Special Offers


This offer for October is a huge deal for small businesses with a limited budget for marketing.

Most small business owners WASTE THEIR MONEY on marketing.  After this hour you will spend your money only on directed, impactful, and profitable marketing with a clear message.  You will AVOID THE TOP FIVE MISTAKES in advertising that cost businesses billions each year.

Make each marketing dollar come back to you with three, five or even ten additional dollars in sales.  Don’t settle for less and it doean;st have to cost you a fortune to find out how.

If your budget for marketing is over $1000 PER YEAR (and it must be if you are a real business) then you have to book this individual consultation with Rupert.  If you think that you already know what you are doing book the meeting anyway – if you feel that you didn’t learn something that can save you $2,000 or more you will get your money back.

This one hour review with Rupert to examine your marketing and to make key adjustments normally costs $397.  Clients have said that it is worth many times that in value to their business and actionable ideas that come from the meeting.

For October only, and ONLY FOR THE FIRST FIVE CLIENTS we are dropping the price for this service to just $297.

Email rwhiting@focalpointcoaching.com to claim your discounted rate.


All e-mail enquiries will receive a free e-copy of Brian Tracy’s outstandingly useful book Goals!


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