Here are just a sample of the positive things that my clients have to say about working with me.

Not only have I already saved several times what I have paid Rupert for his work (through a negotiation he helped me with) but I know that going forward anything I pay him is absolutely minimal in terms of what I can earn as a result of the coaching that we do.  And to think that people say that they can’t afford a coach!  I am benefitting from the clarity that he brings to my business ideas and the additional perspective that he can add to my business planning and strategic decision making.  All in all it is a great investment of my time and money.  When my husband saw the quick results, he hired Rupert too.”  – Owner of a media company (print and on-line).

I have used Rupert’s coaching service and I highly recommend it. He goes the extra mile, has amazing insight, is creative, caring, and structured. This is a coach whom I personally recommend to anyone who is serious about building their business. Rupert’s personal business experience and training make him a natural choice for discerning entrepreneurs. – Robin.J.Elliott

“I wanted to let you know that your coaching skills once again were put to the test and succeeded. I just received an email about 20 minutes ago [confirming that I have achieved my goal].  I know it was a very far stretch, especially since no one has been hired before after their first time attempt, but hey, I set my goals, worked on them, and with your help, I [have achieved my goal].  I can truly say I could not have done it without your help… Anyway, you were the very first person I wanted to tell.”  Kristine Bell, US College Basketball Referee and Nutritionist.

“Rupert quickly understood our value proposition and helped us to develop messaging which was easy to articulate in a manner which was easily understood by our prospective customers.  We were surprised at how quickly Rupert was able to transform our marketing message from industry jargon to something we can take to market and get results.  We would highly recommend Rupert’s coaching services to any business, even those who feel they have their sales and marketing approach nailed (and definitely for those who are unsure).” – Rob Morris, Partner and VP Sales Thinware Media [Software]

What I like about your coaching is that you aren’t trying to impose a model on me or my business.  Everything that you do is totally geared to me and where we are right now and I have to say that I really appreciate that.”  – Serge Krivoy, Owner, Waterworking Wholesale [ Agriculture]

Thanks for helping me raise the number of bookings that I am getting by 40%. My pipeline is also much bigger than it was when we started and I am setting way bigger goals for myself and my career than I was a few months ago. The sessions are full of great perspective that I can lose by getting too close to the action. Some days I start out  wishing that we didn’t have the calls but I always have a better day after speaking to you.” – Greg Kettner, Corporate Comedian [Entertainment]  Update – Greg has just been booked as a headliner about 12 months ahead of his initial estimates for that achievement. 

“Rupert really helped us to get clear on our brand. Who  are we and what do we stand for? This allows us to focus our attention on the right kind of clients.”  – Nicole Allen, Steve’s Board Shop [Retail]

“The only way out of the unimaginable course that was my personal and business life was to get some direction or coaching.  The sooner the better.  My direction had got me into a mess and I needed to look outside the box.” – DT, Partner Contracting Company [Service]

“This is awesome. I will definitely keep having a coach even when I’ve hit my current goals.” – Jason Brar, CIBC [Personal Services]


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